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You should buy '' domain to ride soaring AI PC market.

You can take an advantageous position in the soaring global AI PC market.

Amazing AI on PC

AI on PC (AI PC) provides better personal experience by learning user behavior. AI on PC also can enhance performance and improve security. NPU (Neural Processing Units) on AI PC will enhance performance by reducing workload. Localized data processing can improve security.

Soaring AI PC market

48 mil AI on PCs will ship, representing 18% of global PC market in 2024. AI PC shipments will jump dramatically to 167 mil, explaining 60% of total PCs in 2027. The soaring AI PC market set up an important change in both consumer and commercial sectors. 


Getting this domain of  ‘’, you can take an advantageous position in the soaring AI PC market. The intuitive and concise domain name will present strong foothold in the respect of marketing strategy. 

Who really needs '' domain is

Rise of AI PC is crucial point in PC market. New or small players have a good chance to penetrate or expand in the soaring AI PC market.

Small or new players
should buy for the growth

The pie chart on the right explains the global PC market share. The big 4, Lenovo, HP, Dell and Apple account for 72% of the market. Small players including Asus, Acer, LG and Samsung comprise roughly 28% of the global PC market. We expect the introduction of AI on PC will be crucial point to change the market structure. Whether the players can be successful in rolling out AI on PC or not, their market share can change entirely. Because AI PC will constitute of large portion of the PC market as mentioned above. Introduction of AI on PC is a great opportunity for the market participants, especially for the small or new participants. Since small or new players have relatively weak brand power in the PC market, intuitive and concise name of ‘’ surely enhances their brand recognition. 

Global PC market share by shipments

PC market share breakdown by shipments

Global PC market share trend by shipments

PC market share trend by shipments

Big players must try to defend

Introduction of AI on PC will make cracks, which are getting larger and eventually change a landscape of the global PC market. Everything can be changed in the long-term period, even though it may be the market leader. Lenovo is the leading vendor in the global PC market currently but it was fourth vendor representing 10.9% of market share in 2010. The second largest vendor at that time was Acer from Taiwan, which has lost its share and come down to the sixth in the PC market. However, if small competitors which have good relations with leading AI chip maker Nvidia get a strong domain name such as ‘’ , they can make a great growth like Lenovo did in the past time. So, the big players should take strong domain names such as ‘’ to eliminate potential threats in advance and to defend their market share.

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